The Issues of Undocumented Immigrants

by Kohei Nomura

Almost automatically, I am engaged in Japan’s social welfare and security system. In addition, I guess that almost all people including you are the same. I could not imagine how we should survive if these kinds of rights had gone. However, in this world, there are the undocumented people in term of legal status. They do not have the right to receive any administrative service. It remains as the taboo but big problem of societies.

When people illegally cross the border, or overstay after their visa’s expiration, the immigrants become undocumented. Because they are staying illegally, they cannot even get their legal status. In other words, even if they are violated or treated terrible way ignoring human rights, they cannot claim to police. In this case, the social structure that undocumented immigrants are never treated as ordinary people tends to stuck in the countries’ low-level society. Moreover, even if they catch diseases, they cannot get a tax deduction. It is easily assumed that undocumented immigrants cannot earn enough money to pay full medical expenses, so that they probably cannot go to the hospital. Undocumented immigrants are afraid of the detection of the fact they are illegal immigrants; therefore, the terrible structure among undocumented immigrants would be hidden and be taboo. Nevertheless, the realities of the undocumented immigrants are quite severe.

The only way to recover the administrative service for the undocumented immigrants is to go back to their mother countries. (Actually there are some ways to get a legal status in the escaped country, but the opportunities are extremely limited.) Conservatives may say that these severe treatments are undocumented immigrants’ fault because they are illegally there. It is partly true, and they should go back to their mother countries if possible. However, the children of illegal immigrants cannot do so, because the children are grown up with the countries’ identity and education of the countries’ language. If the country commit deportation of the children, it is wrong as the humanistic perspectives. The children have never committed the crime like illegal immigration, unlike their parents.

In conclusion, politically, the special decision how the country engages the undocumented immigrants in the area of humanity to get rid of violation of human rights of undocumented immigrants. Moreover, we should rethink of how we should accept the immigrants.


One thought on “The Issues of Undocumented Immigrants

  1. The DACA policy to stop deportation of young migrants for 2 years is good news for the eligible lot but what happens to the people around, family members they stay with who are also undocumented.In US we should stop more migrants from entering illegally with strict laws and regulations. But deporting those already in US, separating families is not correct solution!

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