The “DREAM Act” is still dream…

by Misa Takahashi

In November 7, the U.S president Obama was reelected. His reelection can realize ideal of ‘illegal’ and ‘undocumented’ immigrants, or keep on harsh reality to them… I would like to talk about them aspect of ‘dream act’ in U.S.

Before talking about ‘illegal’ and ‘undocumented’ immigrants, I mention about what ‘dream act’ is. The goal of this project is giving relief to children of ‘illegal’ and ‘undocumented’ immigrants. If the law could be approved, they can have the right of permanent residence. The U.S. president Obama has worked hard for approve the law because of the background that immigrants are necessary for U.S. economy, however the Republican Party opposed to it because of increasing the expense of social security and the number of illegal immigrants. “Dream act” is still dream…

Almost of those children was taken by their parents who use illegal passports to U.S. in babyhood. Their parents are illegal immigrants, of course they are also ‘illegal’. Naturally enough, they don’t receive college education, get driver license, and more worse, they are suffering the fear of forced repatriation. But, they don’t know about their born countries and those cultures. They only know U.S., only have U.S. identities.

From such situation, Obama carried out the president command, give the reside license to them. If they satisfy requirement which is they are under 30 years old, enter illegally to U.S. until 16, pass 5 years from illegal entry, have the license of high school graduation or enroll and don’t have experience of crime, they can stay 2 years, get driver license and jobs. However, this command is temporary things, so it can’t become fundamental solution.

Considering for receiving immigrants in aspect of good point, immigrants support U.S. economy, in fact, most of all big farm workers is Hispanic immigrants. But ins aspect of bad point, increasing the number of illegal immigrants create to increase the expense of social security and expand the poor class. I think that we have to cut the roots ‘illegal immigrant’ to solve the problem and only help children who is difficult to be educated and got jobs in now. However, it is difficult to cut roots of illegal immigrant, if we do it, we must change the worldwide immigrant’s situation and problem. I think that this problem shouldn’t be left as it is, but there is no epoch-making solution.


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One thought on “The “DREAM Act” is still dream…

  1. Good post!Yes only because of inflation and poor economy the ‘illegal’ and hardworking immigrants are at the receiving end of US.They are the ones who actually deserve to live since they do most of the works in US and contribute to the economy.

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