Undocumented Immigrants

by Tomoka Otani

As we studied about the undocumented immigrants, I learned that there are various kinds of undocumented immigrants in the world. Firstly, undocumented immigrants in Japan and the current situation of illegal entrance to Japan will be described. Secondly, undocumented immigrants in the United States and the current situation of the country will be described as well. Thirdly, solutions for illegal entrance and the conclusion will be written. This essay focuses on undocumented immigrants who were brought to other countries when they were children

The number of undocumented immigrants in Japan is increasing and in 2008, there were over 20 thousand illegal immigrants. There are many illegal immigrants whose visa had expired and overstaying in Japan, however, in recent years, the number of immigrants who entered the country with fake passports are increasing. As we learned about the case of “Noriko” whose parents were from the Philippines and used fake passports to get in the country in order to have better lives in Japan, we need to rethink how difficult it is for undocumented children to deal with the problem.

There are over a million people who are entering in the United States illegally per year and its 80 % are from Mexico. As I lived in Southern California for a year, I know some undocumented people who are from Mexico. One of my classmates was child when she came to America and she did not have any idea that she was undocumented until she applied for a driver’s license. I did not have much knowledge about illegal immigrants at that time; however, I realized that this is one of the most serious problems in the United States. I could not do anything for her and it was depressing for both of us. When I studied about undocumented children in the class, I instantly thought of her. I learned that there are many undocumented children like her in the United States and they are dealing with the problems that were caused not by their choice.

In order to reduce the number of illegal immigrants, as for Japan, since it is not connected with any other countries by land, I think it is important to strengthen passport check at the airport because most of undocumented people who intentionally enter Japan illegally have fake passports. I do not know how it is difficult to make fake passports or to recognize them; however, I think it is the fastest and easiest ways to eliminate illegal entrance to Japan.

As for the United States, I think it is more difficult to decrease the number of undocumented immigrants because it is next to other countries like Mexico and Canada. People could just walk or drive illegally into the United States. In order to decrease the number of illegal immigrants who enter the nation from neighbor countries, the government should double the guards of border crossing. I think this is the only solution to eliminate illegal entrance to the U.S.

The biggest problem of all is that how should the government treat the undocumented people who entered the country when they were children and brought to another country by their parents choice. I personally think that the governments should give some kind of legal status to the children because they did not have any idea when they were brought to the other countries. Some people might say that this system increase the number of undocumented immigrants in order to provide their children with legal status, however, I do not think there are better solution for undocumented children. I think they have the right to live equally and right to receive the opportunities in order to enjoy their lives.


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