Immigration in Europe

by Ryoko Yorifuji

I think about immigration, especially in Europe. In Europe, many immigrants are discriminated for their religion, race and culture.

Recently, Muslim in France became issue about scarf; emblem oh Muslim. Many Muslim women wear scarf for hiding their hairs. Because in Muslim doctrine, women must hide their hairs; female hair is sex symbol. But, the French understood that the doctrine discriminate against women and scarf is symbol of woman discrimination. So France ban from wearing scarf. However, in fact, it says that France hates to flood Muslim symbol in their country, so they forbid scarf. From this issue, Muslim increase in France and French don’t wish Muslim immigrate from their hometown.

The similar issue occurs in Germany. In Germany, a population of Turk increases. And they form Turkish town and live there. German is worry that their town changes to other culture and their works are robbed by Turk. So, sometimes exclusionary movements against Turk occur. The movements are violent, so Turk and peaceful German become anxious. Moreover, both sides more and more oppose to each other. From this issue, the discrimination against race is exists.

Well then, why these immigrants come to Europe? I answer this question.

First, immigrants search their jobs and come to Europe. First I explain about the case of France. In the past, France had many colonies in North Africa. So, many people in North Africa can speak French. And as you know, North African people mainly believe in Islam. After WW2, France needed a lot of the workforce. Then France imported the workforce from North Africa, and carried out. But after the workforce don’t need to France, immigrants continued to live in France and call their family or relative. Therefore many Muslim live in France and oppose to France about religion or culture.

Second, I explain about the Germany’s case. In the case of Germany, Turkey was not German colony. However, many Turk brought to Germany as the low-priced workforce. And similar French case, they called their family, relative or friends and they formed Turkish town in Germany. In the town Turkish is spoken, Turkish goods flood in the town. So the town is seen an entirely different culture by German, and become an object of exclusion.

After all, a start of immigration in both countries made themselves. So, two countries have to make an effort to get along with each other. They should not discriminate against other culture. Then these countries had better make a system which forbids discrimination or prejudice against different culture. However, perhaps such a case is occurred in other countries. Especially immigration is rapidly spread with globalization. Then how other countries deal with such a problem? It is difficult to solve the issue, but we have to try to settle it.

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