Advantages of globalization

by Mayu Uehara

When a country tries to be open-minded or accept new idea, it always faces pros and cons of its action. Globalization, for example, it’s a controversial topic for any country. In Japan, after World War Ⅱ, we approved American ideas in Japanese law, and we have developed our country since then. Now, India is the one which has been westernized day by day. Though there are lots of opinions against globalization, globalization is one of the best ways to be promoted. There are three reasons: development of country, diversification of lifestyles, and improvement of right.

First, globalization can highly effect social, economic, and financial development. Now in India, new job opportunity for working in call center which uses English and deal with any questions or complaint of purchasers. Not only conditions of citizen’s life style but also country can be well activated. When the country only decides to be open-minded and foreign corporate build its firm in it, it can provide people bunch of employment; people for building the firm, gathering products which is necessary for building, people who works for trading can also have opportunity to be involved in its projects, people who works in the corporate, and more and more. Moreover, the conditions around the building can be developed, such as public transportation, restaurants, department stores, and so on. Only one movement can lead social, economic and financial development. Some who oppose globalization argue that it causes gaps between rich and poor; however, it is avoidable to accept free trade so that they can get cheaper products which comes from outside of country. It’s better having cheaper food rather than suffering poverty because of expensive domestic products.

Second, lifestyles of citizens can be diversity. Now in Japan, people, studying abroad and speaking second language, has increased. To be open-minded leads people having a broad outlook on their life. Having broad outlook can also support people having ideas or hopes for future and it allow them to find new market share. Though, due to globalization, cultural death has discussed and Japan is the one which has struggled to balance westernized and protecting Japanese culture, threatening of cultural fading promotes protecting national identity. Facing another culture let us recognize our own culture because when we face new idea, we often realize about our nationality which is barely discover when we are get together with same nationality. Furthermore, culture has taken over generation to generation, and we are sharing same identity with genetic so culture is hardly faded away.

Third, globalization can improve rights for social weak. In India, it’s unequal between men and women. Men works outside of house and women have to do house works. Also, men have power more than women in India; therefore, women tend to build up their stress. Women should have equal right to speak out opinions. Why woman’s right has not been accepted is because women don’t even have ideas to get their right because of lack of information. They tend to live in narrow outlook of life and just follow ways which is prepared by social culture. If they choose to stay at home for house job, it’s fine because it’s their choice; however, right to have equal opportunities should be protected in society.

Above all, opinions of acceptation of globalization is supported by three aspects, which are economic, financial, and social development, diversifications of lifestyles and improvement of right. Globalization can support activating society and also citizen’s lifestyles therefore, country should be open-minded to promote globalization.


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