We need supermoms, what about superdads?

On this week’s sociology class, the professor talked about something related to supermoms and we watched a video about how a supermom can change her baby’s diaper and continue the interview at the same time. It is true that we almost all admit that mothers always do the housework and do not get paid. It is absolutely unfair. But, what about fathers? They get chances to work with adults and there is no baby crying beside their office, no diapers, fathers seldom need to concern about when should feed their kids or when should change their babies’ diapers. However, does that mean fathers contribute to the family less than mothers? I think I cannot agree with that. Sometimes, we ignore the importance of fathers who hold the whole family.

Think about it, when mothers are all doing housework at home, who holds the family? Who takes the responsibility to support all the financial spending of the family? Fathers do. Because most mothers are required to take care of their babies, so the responsibility of bringing income to the family has become more serious than the days before the babies were born. So, that means fathers have to make more money to support the whole family, including their babies, their wives, and themselves. It is not easy for men to do that, except he is a manager or some who receives high salaries.

My father used to be one of those who take the responsibility of holding a family when I was a baby. He used to have one full-time job meanwhile did two part-time jobs. At that time, my mother was a full-time housewife, and in order to made her not worry about the financial spending, my father had to do three jobs at the same time. Therefore, we can see that not only women are receiving more pressure since they have to take care of the babies, but also men are doing their best to make money to raise the family. It seems unfair for those women who can only stay at home but their husbands are working outside. However it is also unfair for men to raise the family of three (or more) by themselves. So, in a word, men raise the family and women do housework is somehow fair for both sides.

by Harry Xu

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