Unique religion of Korean ancestor

In this post, I want to talk about a unique way of life which has unique religion.

As modernization progresses, wooden buildings are replaced by concrete building. When people live in wooden building in the past, they don’t have any technology that protect and make lives plentiful. So they believe spirits live in their house, and guard them. As they have this belief, their life style was always based on this too.

Before the medical technology developed, there are many cases that children died early by such as infection. Ancestor try to solve this problems by pray to ‘Samshin’ which is the three gods governing childbirth. they lay a jaw with put rice in it. And in the child birthday, people hold memorial services to this spirits.

Secondly, Korea ancestors consider fire as sacred. Because of fire can burn down everything, they thought there is sprit in fire which has a power of purify.  As fire usually used in the kitchen, ancestor thought spirit of fire live in the kitchen. So, housewives keep a bowl that holds water beside the oven. She renews this water everyday praying to the sprit for family’s security.  Korean ancestors believe spirit live in the toilet, too. So, they used to give a cough to notify themselves to the toilet spirit, before they get in there.

As stated above, Korean ancestors have a special belief which is ‘spirits live in the house and always protect us’. Therefore, they have unique life style based on this belief. We can inference how religion occupy big parts of people life and it make up their way of life.

by Ha SeoIn

2 thoughts on “Unique religion of Korean ancestor

  1. I thought that this is so interesting religion. I have never heard of this kind of the religion, and also it is very understandable one. The best one i thought was just cough before you go into toilet because the is in there. i want to find out any interesting religion or custom in japan if there is one.

  2. That is interesting values. In Japan, we have same value which is thought that in the place where parson lives there are many gods. As time passed, Japanese are forgetting this idea but I wish for Korean to continue to have the idea. It makes me dear.

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