Living With Family

    In Japan, almost people have an own family and many families also live together. It is happy for us to live with our families. On the other hands, there are many who take up posts in another city, leaving their families behind in their hometown too. I think that it is very sad even if they can meet frequently. However, in case of immigrants or migrant workers, they cannot meet them families for a long time. How do they feel like the situation.

     Actually, it will not be long before I become similar situation. One of my valuable person leave to Australia to study abroad. I fell very lonely just imagine about we will separated. Of course, we can make contact with each other on e-mail, and talk on the phone. If we use a videophone like skype, we can see our faces. It seems like to meet by the side of him. Although, the fact is we are still separated, so we cannot meet each other whenever we want and touch each other. The technologies take our mind off, but once we find the truth, it made us sadder. I want to beside him ever after.

     When we are separated from valuable people, just like families, we feel very miserable and miss them. I think that it is not enough for us to make contact or talk with the people. The more important thing is living with families. I am sure that almost all people want to live with valuable people, mother, father, brothers, sisters, lovers and so on. However, many immigrants and migrant workers are in difficult situation to live together because of strict regulation for them. The strict regulation need them too much money to get them visas, but it is hard for them, because they have only few money and no sponsors. That is why many of them cannot live with family. I know it is important to save safety and profit from visas. However, I also want to little revision the strict regulation, because families should live together if they want to do so. I wish the day coming soon.

by Erina Hayashi

2 thoughts on “Living With Family

  1. Compared to Western countries, Japan’s family situation is different. In my home country of Sweden, it is considered “weird” to live with your parents after a certain age. People usually move out in their early 20s or when they go to college.

    However, I do understand how you feel. Family is important to me too, and of course people should have the possibility to live with their family if they want to, especially in countries where living with your family is the norm. I guess most exchange students at Ritsumeikan face the “issue” of being homesick and at times missing family and friends. However, I experienced this situation while living in Australia for seven months a couple of years ago, and in my experience, distance makes the heart grow fonder. I did not see my mom for that whole period (my dad and brother had the opportunity to come and visit though), and even though we Skyped, e-mailed, sent pictures, etc, I still missed her. Christmas was especially hard since it is a family holiday.

    Even though it was hard being without my mom for seven months, in retrospect, I have realized that it was good for us. I sometimes feel it is necessary to get a breather from one another, and sometimes, it is good to miss somebody. Living abroad has made me more appreciative of her, and it has made me not take her for granted.

  2. I can sympathixe with her experience. I have an older sister and lived together until one years ago. However my sister get a job in Tokyo, so now we live in different place. We are like best friends, and I miss her almost every day. I can understand how sad to live separated.

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