Undocumented Immigrants and Labor in the U.S.

by Kanami Hirokawa

The U.S is a multiracial country and has a lot of immigrants. Although it is said that the number of immigrants who come to the U.S is about 12 million, we can guess that more immigrants come to the U.S because they are undocumented immigrants and the sure number can not be counted. Moreover, many of the immigrants who come to the U.S are Hispanics who come from South America, especially from Mexico. This paper first describes the problems and influences about undocumented immigrants in the U.S, then examines the relationship between the undocumented immigrants and the labor in the U.S, and finally explores the future policy on the undocumented immigrants in the U.S.

First is the problem and influences about undocumented immigrants in the U.S. As this paper shows before, millions of undocumented immigrants live in the U.S illegally and a large percent of them is Hispanic. In fact, about 60 percent of undocumented immigrants who come to the U.S are Mexican. However, these days the number of Mexican undocumented immigrants who come to the U.S is declining. The reason of declining the immigrants from Mexico has many causes. For example, Mexico is developing more, and the border between the U.S and Mexico is enforced.

Second is the relationship between the undocumented immigrants and the labors in the U.S. The U.S relies on immigrants with regard to cheap labor such as housekeepers, farmers and so on. These cheap labors are called 3K labors. However, with the decline in the number of immigrants, some areas in the U.S get damages and influences. The state of Georgia is one of the areas which get damages. It is said that 75 percent of farm workers in Georgia are undocumented immigrants and because of the shortage of farm workers, Georgia suffered a reduction of 391 million dollars of crops. The undocumented immigrants in Georgia support the bottom of economics in the state. Therefore, the U.S is facing on the problems of the shortage of people who are cheap labor workers.

At last, the paper explores whether the U.S will get along with undocumented immigrants in the future or not. In some places of the U.S, especially in Arizona, people begin to complain about undocumented immigrants. In Arizona, some estimate that 500,000 people are undocumented immigrants, meaning that one out of ten residents in Arizona is an undocumented immigrant. The citizens in Arizona are forced the hard life because of the economic depression. However, in such a situation the money for social security is used for undocumented immigrants. Moreover, people worry about deterioration of public order. In Arizona the law that undocumented immigrants must emigrate forcibly was made by the assembly. Against this, Obama began the policy that Obama gives young undocumented immigrants the civil rights. Of course, to enter the country without receiving the visa is guilty. However, U.S makes the construction that the economy of the U.S must rely on undocumented immigrants. Furthermore, the new policy made by Obama creates new undocumented immigrants because people think that the U.S receives undocumented immigrants willingly. Therefore, although the number of the Mexican undocumented immigrants is declining, many undocumented immigrants from the world will come to the U.S. This has dangerous aspects.


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