Refusing Refugees

by Tomoya Yamaguchi

On my opinion, Japan should not receive refugees from other countries right now. Today, a lot of countries have conflicts politically and they are so serious situation. According to it, the number of refugees has been increased automatically and they are suffering from those situations where the refugees lose family and house.

As above written, refugees are generated by conflicts. In Africa, there are a lot of refugees, and they hope that they can be alive while they feel peace of mind. The United States of America has received a lot of refugees from other countries and the government forces them to live in the U.S. The government gives them many rights. For example the government looks for their apartment, job and gives them the opportunity that they can be educated. The government saves many refugees from serious situation. In 2011 UNHCR reported that refugees who crossed borders were generated at 15. 2million. The U.S. received 264,800 refugees. Germany was the largest receiving country in developed countries and Germany received 571, 700 refugees. As to the U.S., the country has been made by immigrants, many races, and refugees.

About Japan, however it was not a nation of immigrants and multicultural intrinsically. In fact, a lot of people arrived at Japan from Korean peninsula but the era was mainly from 3c to 7c. The situation was not same to today’s Japan. Today’s situation in Japan is so complicated and the ideology of Japanese is so-called homogeneous nation. In my English class, members of the opposite side, which supported to receive refugees, said that Japan would need to get labors, so Japan ought to receive refugees. However this purpose in receiving refugees has likelihoods that hierarchy of labor and discrimination are generated in Japan. Moreover, a lot of countries insist that Japan should contribute to international society and receive refugees as one of the developed country. However Japan has not prepared for receiving refugees yet and if Japan receives them in this volatile situation, both of Japanese people and refugees will not be able to adapt to the situation. Basically, even if politicians in Japan vow to receive refugees as their manifest, Japanese people and other politicians will deny it. I think that it’s because many Japanese have a stereotype including me. I insisted that Japan would not be able to receive refugees and the government should not do that. However I think to receive refugees is not something bad. If Japan prepare for policies about receiving refugees, I think that Japan can make a success about it gradually. Today, the Japanese government educates a little about refugees in elementary schools and Japanese has an ideology that Japanese is so-called “Japanese”. According to it, I insist that it is not “now” that Japan should receive them. It’s because it will cause serious disorder in Japan.


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