Undocumented Immigrants

by Akifumi Kamamoto

You know, undocumented immigrants are very difficult problem all over the world. I think one of the reasons why it is difficult is concerned about existence of young undocumented immigrants. This is because they didn’t become undocumented immigrants by themselves. Also they didn’t have choice whether they would be undocumented or not, and more some children don’t realize they are undocumented immigrant. Of course, undocumented immigrants are illegal, but children are not guilty, I think. Their parents were in difficult situation in their own countries and left there. I know this process, but they should have thought about their own children who will be born or grown up much more, I think.

In this class, we had some discussions about undocumented immigrants. There were some difficult questions. For example, should undocumented immigrants receive free education, medical care and so on? As I’ve already written in this blog, young undocumented immigrants couldn’t choose, so I think they should receive free education. However, some problems were occurred at the same time. It would make inequality between documented and undocumented immigrants. We can’t decide easily how we should do. In America, there is a policy for undocumented immigrants, Dream Act. I think it is good policy, but as I wrote before there are people who disagree with this policy because of problem of inequality or so. And in my opinion about medical care, I think every immigrant should be able to receive medical care. This is because medical issue is not only for them but for all residents. I mean, disease can be infectious to other people.

In addition, there are some questions which we have to think about. How should government do with undocumented immigrants? Should they be able to stay or have to leave? It is difficult problem, too. I think we have to be strict with undocumented parents. However hard they were in their own countries, undocumented immigrants are illegal. Many countries have policies about immigrant protection, so they should use these policies effectively, I think. In Japan, it is difficult to get protection for immigrants. So I think Japan should be more tolerant with immigrants and make the number of undocumented immigrants decreased.

In conclusion, as I wrote many times, it is difficult to think about immigrant.  Especially the treatment of undocumented immigrants is too difficult. However we have to continue to think about it. I hope the number of immigrants who are in trouble will be decreased.


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