Immigrants can be a good factor economically or not

by Koichi Sugimoto

Today, migration is becoming a serious problem that is unavoidable. In Japan, that problem barely has been spoken about because the Japanese government has taken a restricted approach to immigrants for a long time, but this Japan’s case is relatively rare compared with other countries. For example, in the case of the US, this country consists of immigrants from a historic point of view, and now the US is facing that problem. As we can see the election, the immigrant’s problem was an important issue, and eventually Obama showed citizens a tolerant policy, but the problem concerned with American unemployed remains there. Japan will be facing this problem as well as the US. In that case, I think Japanese government should take more immigrants. I am going to argue that reason in the next paragraph.

First of all, I’d like to see the present Japan’s situation. Some companies changed an official language from Japanese to English, and also are about to adopt more foreigners. That means they have to spread the market to global areas, so they decided to take more foreigners and bring up global people who are having recent widespread values. This may be the time to be ought to accept more immigrants. However, that is not easy because there is a problem about unemployed as well, and the population is occupied by almost all the same race, Asian. That’s because Japanese still keep having a thing like a single nationalism, and also they have a prejudice against foreigners because many crimes by them are often taken up by the media, but Japanese should understand that is a merely part of all of crimes.

On the other hand, I believe immigrants give us some benefits such as, different values, ways, thoughts and something. Japanese absorb these factors, and should be more tolerant toward everything that happened in the world, but that does not mean all of immigrants can be admitted by the government because Japan has a capacity, so has to choose. Concretely it’s better to do the test to confirm their abilities, for example, communication ability, mathematics, flexibility and something moral. This way will be able to relate to their motivation.

From these reasons, Japanese government should accept more immigrants, but it can be gradually carried out because it’s an important issue, so they need do think a system seriously. Also, successful applicants will be acquired to be motivated, and if possible experienced. I think this way I mentioned above will be able to lighten Japanese future.


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