The Children of Illegal Immigrants

by Akisato Fujita

Through the classes about undocumented immigrants, I found that there are many illegal immigrants especially in America, and they are suffering from some limitations and obstacles because of their illegal status. Among undocumented immigrants, I felt that the children are in the very serious situation. Therefore, I would like to think about the children of illegal immigrants.

One of the problems of the children of illegal immigrants is whether or not they should be deported with their parents when it is found out that they are illegal. I think that the children could stay in the country, and they are with their parents until they become adults. There are mainly 3 reasons about it.

First, most of the children do not know the language and culture of their country which they were born in. Therefore, it is considered that the children could not lead a good life if they go back to the country. On the other hand, they understand the language and culture of the country where they have grown up and they live now. It can be said that their home country is the country and they have become the people of the country, so it is natural that they should continue to live there.

Second, it cannot be said that the children of undocumented immigrants migrated from their country to the new country illegally. It is sure that illegal immigrants came to the country without legal status, so they commit a crime. However, their children just followed them and the migration is not their will. Therefore, I think that the children have a right to stay in the country. There are no reasons why they are blamed for the illegal immigration.

Finally, the children of illegal immigrants should live with their parents in order to spend a relieved and safe time. Some people claim that their parents should be deported right now because they came to the country illegally. However, considering the children, the existence of the parents would be necessary. If undocumented immigrants go back to the country they used to live in, their children have to live alone because they have no relatives there. It is too hard for the children to live in the situation, so their parents should lead a life with them at least until they become adult.

In short, considering the children of illegal immigrants, it is thought that they could stay in the country they live in now, and be with their parents while they are children.

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