How should Japan deal with egg donations?

by Mari Ryoha

I think egg donation represents the variety ways of life in these days. Women have the right to give birth to children. However there are women who can’t be pregnant for some reasons. Egg donation, sperm donation, and in vitro fertilization (IVF) work important role of infertility treatment. These treatments give couples who suffer from infertility hope that they can have children. I agree with egg donation in this aspect.

Japan doesn’t have laws about reproductive technology or treatment for infertility. In 2003, Japanese government decided to preparation of laws about reproduction. However it hasn’t progressed since then. Japan Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology (日本産婦人科学会) published individual statement that they admitted using reproduction technology or treatment for infertility in 2009. Also other organizations, such as the Ministry of Health (厚生労働省), Japan Society for Reproductive Medicine (日本生殖医学会), Japan Federation of Bar Associations (日本弁護士連合会), published each opinion about reproduction technology, and these organizations had different opinions about reproduction technology. Of course Japanese people have various opinions about reproduction technology. However I think Japan has to make laws about reproduction technology and treatment for infertility. We Japanese have to make environment for treatment for infertility. For example, we have to manage the quality of treatment for infertility, take statistic of the number of children by egg donation or something reproduction technology. Also we have to support women and their family after birth of children, and educate other people in order to make discrimination toward children by birth of egg donation. Also we have to prevent the illegal business of egg donation for moneymaking. I’m worried that egg donation may lead to new discrimination. In Korea, there were incidents about illegal egg donations. The brokers who were arrested graded eggs by the donors’ face, figure and school career. In Japan, if egg donation becomes common, such incident may happen. Then we have to think how we prevent such illegal incidents, and new discrimination. If we make laws about egg donation, there are a lot of problems.

We have to discuss these problems. The state of family is changing all over the world. Of course Japan is not expected. Each Japanese people have each opinion. In these days we can’t help avoiding make laws about reproductive technology and treatment for infertility.


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