International immigrants: System of Cooperation with Rules and Respect

by Sanae Tanaka

Globalization and industrialization brought people moving around the world, and the issue of coexistence. In Europe, issue of international immigrants has been often discussed topic. Sweden is one of the countries known for accepting lots of international immigrants. Since issue and acceptance of international immigrants has been a delicate issue in many countries, Swedish government is making proactive approach towards the issue.

Since 2008, Swedish government has introduced the new policy that Sweden accepts more international immigrant workers actively. They support immigrants to get residence permits and even they have positive opinion about giving international immigrants permanent residency.

The reason why Sweden is taking positive position towards acceptance of international immigrants is because of the balance between domestic industry and government’s policy. Sweden has big land compare to other countries in Europe, however, they have fewer citizens, which is about nine million people, and to keep existing welfare policy and social security, the country needs to flourish domestic industry to the world. Also, usually international immigrant workers want to move in to the country which is low cost of living, having good weather throughout the year, and the country where speaks English as first language. Sweden is matching none of these three and in reality, it is hard for Sweden to get more international immigrants without having good conditions for them. Therefore, Swedish government gives out all decisions to the companies to decide how many international immigrant workers they hire and how many international immigrant workers they need. By letting companies to make all decisions, it leads the thriving domestic industry, Swedish government believes.

Unique point is that international immigrants policy in Sweden is all based on the idea of connection between domestic industry and labor power. Confidential relationship between government and company is making the country and policy together and this can be recognized as one of new model of building up the international immigrant policy.

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