The Key to Reducing Inequalities in the World

by Kensuke Kubo

We studied inequality around the world in class, and discussed it from various perspectives. In the discussion, the gap of income was discussed eagerly and our opinion was totally divided. For example, LeBron James, famous pro basketball player, can make money ¥5,340,000,000 in a year, but the average of teacher’s in come is ¥4,000,000 in a year. Is it fair that famous basketball player can earn 1335 times of money comparing the person who works as a teacher? The capacity of earning money is one of the results of people’s efforts in their life. Of course it cannot be said in all of cases, just a part of their efforts. But high income can be evidence of the size of their volume of recognition from other person.

As I supposed an example of sports player and teachers at first, there are lots of inequalities in the world. Some people said that “it is not fair condition because teacher is necessary to study various things, but sports player does not.” I think it is not a problem because it is one of the results of their efforts, and perhaps most of people recognize that teacher is an important job. The most important things to consider the problem are to provide same opportunity for the people in all over the world. Although the job is a result of their efforts, it cannot be fair condition if all people cannot have access to the opportunity to grant their wishes. I think that to provide the same opportunity is more important than reduce the income gap. The word “inequality” means not a part of income, but a different number of opportunities to access.

When we look around the world, the opportunity is totally different between rich countries and poor countries, and even in the rich country, there are some different to access the opportunity. The main fact comes from their educational background. Taking education is one of the ways to access their dream, but there are still lots of people who do not afford taking education even they have enough ability. My suggestion to improve their access is that government or international society should give all of education for free if people have enough ability to take them. I think that it can be one of the steps to open their possibility to the society.

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