Global Culture

by Koki Shiozaki

Culture is defined as something one generation hands down to next generation, including languages, dialogues, custom, ideas and a way of life. It is growing in a country. It takes a long time to make up one culture. Or it also does not. Fashion is always changing one after another. This is a kind of culture. Today the culture took place in one country has spread all over the world.

The soft power is cultural power to erode one country and prevail among people. The soft power is the opposite to the hard power, which means the use of military power, economic power or political power. The good example of the soft power is Mac Donald, which is the fast food of the US. Mac Donald spread in the world. In Japan, people go there to eat it as something of a snack, breakfast, lunch or dinar. The shop of Mac is open for 24 hours. We can go every time. If I go there before 22 o’clock, I afraid that I will gain weight. Nevertheless, I dare to eat. Mac Donald has come to be a part of Japan.

Manga of Japan is the proud culture which spread in the world. Japanese Manga is translated into various languages and is sought a lot of countries. Many types of Manga are enjoyed by people in the world. Moreover, through Manga, people in the world can know about what Japanese culture is. We can let people understand it. I read the article that almost all of foreigners have a stereotype that Samurai is usually walking down the street and people wear Tyonmage which is the symbol of Samurai.

At last, the culture erodes one country and it becomes essencial to its people. And the imported culture is mixed with the original culture. If it has great effects on the original culture, the imported culture and the original culture merge and create new culture. Or the imported culture and the original culture are independence each other. They do not merge. Having an effect on the country is not only the hard power but also the soft power.

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