Social Movement in Spain

by Saki Sato

I report social movement in Spain. Management of banks in Spain has become serious because of huge bad loans due to the real estate bubble burst and debt crisis with the global financial crisis of 2008. Spain is facing a serious economic crisis as well as the Greece. The unemployment rate rose to 24% and particularly youth unemployment aggravated. The unemployment rate of Spain is the worst level in EU. In this March, major labor unions of Spain opposed to the labor market reform and the policy of financial austerity that the Rajoy Government went on and began a general strike the whole of Spain. Several hundred thousand people hold demonstrations in big cities, including Madrid that is the capital of Spain and the part of them clashed with the police. Also in this May, large-scale demonstration against the policy of financial austerity in various parts of Spain. The demonstrators claimed” No, expenditure cuts by government” and “No bread without peace” and criticized the Rajoy Government strictly. They intended to reflect the wishes of citizens in society by demonstrating. They put up placards and banners that said “Oppose the public funds for banks,” “Oppose cut education and social welfare budget,” “Give house to live to all people”. In March 15th, the civil movement in Spain “15M” appealed to demonstrate in 80 cities of Spain and all over the world. “15M” means March 15th and in that day of last year, mainly 80,000 young people gathered and hold a demonstration. “15M” made good use of social networks to prepare and invite and triggered the same protest demonstration in the United Kingdom and “Occupy Wall Street” movement in the United States.

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