Frame Spread

by Koki Shiozaki

In 2011, the movement took place in NY, screaming frames “Occupy Wall Street” and “We are the 99%.” Wall Street is the center of world economy and symbolized for the rich. So to occupy there stands for the protest to share everything, money ,right, opportunity and so on with us. This movement spread all over the world, included Japan. And this key frame also spread, such as “Occupy Tokyo.” this frame is easy to understand and have great effect on the others. When political and economic issues are transformed into cultural issues, they become inevitable. The party of Wall Street give us a question to the modern world.

Anti-globalism maintains that modern globalism is wrong, but we do not oppose to globalization itself. Merely because the rich who have almost all welfare of the world should be distributed. This movement also has their key  frame, that is “Another World is Possible.” this movement is represented by World Social Forum.  Anti-Globalism and Occupy movement have the same goal. But today each movement have their own frame and repertoire.  Only a big frame like “Another World is Possible” can not tie up each movement. Each movement need their own movement and policy for a goal. “a movement of movements” (T. Mertes, ed., A Movement of Movements: Is Another World Really Possible? 2004, Verso.) indicates that each movement has independence each other and they don’t disappear within a big movement.

Each movement have relationship and act each other. A movement which take place in a country became transnational movement. Concretely, a movement in a country gain to support from international NGO( Naoto.H p214). Taiwanese human rights movement appeal to American human rights party, instead of Taiwanese movement have an opportunity to appeal to their own government. And  American movement take an action to American government, and  the government pressure on Taiwanese government. Like a boomerang, the influence goes by roundabout route.

“Occupy Tokyo,”“Occupy Wall Street,” “Another World is Possible” are all connected. A movement occurred in  a certain country has grown up and have great  effect on the world and play an important roll in the world. These frames make the movement easy to connect and spread.


Naoto. H  2004    “Shakaiundo toiu Koukyokukan”   

David. H  2012   “ REBEL CITIES”   

T. Mertes  2004  “A Movement of Movements: Is Another World Really Possible?” Verso

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