Foreign Workers’ Actual Condition

by Chinatsu Kitamura

In recent years, a lot of people which move to the world are increasing. Above all, the foreign workers are increasing.

According to investigation of the Ministry of Health, in 1990, the foreign workers are 260,000 people in Japan. However, in 2007, they are 920,000 people. That is about 3.5 times as many increases.

At first, I want to tell about the cause of producing the foreign workers.The foreign worker consists of an unskilled labor and a skilled labor. Unskilled labors are people who work in the field which needs neither capability nor experience, and skilled labors are people who play an active part in the specialist-skills field.

And the factor of the increase in a foreign worker is economic discrepancy between developed countries and developing countries. Economic condition is different from both countries, for example, in developed countries, workers are running short and in developing countries, workers are surplus.

Thus, a lot of countries, people move around the world to get jobs. And the countries which need to workers are called “pull country” and the countries which oust many workers because there are no jobs are called “push country”.Like this, the foreign workers was born and spread in the world.

Second, I want to tell about the reason of increasing foreign countries. First, there are developments of transportation and communication network. By development of such technology, travel time can be shortened and can move now comparatively easily. And also, with progress of globalization, each country came to perform development of laws which an engineer enter others countries easily, in order to strengthen global competitiveness.

On the other hand, while foreign workers increase in number, there are some persons who oppose. That is because the fall of the wage level in a foreign country and the increase in involuntary unemployment feel uneasy as the reason. Moreover, they are concerned that the crimes are increasing by foreigner workers, for example, smuggling of drugs and weapons and theft. And also a lot of offender move to the countries not get a job but commit a crime. However, recently, there is a case that ordinary people carry drugs and weapons while they are not notice.

So more and more foreign workers work around the world. However, A lot of problem occurred to accept the foreign workers. Thus, it is important how it is deal with to a problem. I think that probably, many tolerant hearts need to be required in order to live together in globalization.

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One thought on “Foreign Workers’ Actual Condition

  1. I think you need to study sociology a little more if this is the best you can do in reporting on this subject.

    How can you write authoritatively about employment of foreign workers in Japan when your data is so outdated? The fact of the matter is that the number of foreigners residing in Japan has continually dropped over the last three years, in part due to the economic downturn and also greatly in part to the tsunami/nuclear meltdowns.

    I also don’t understand how you could so uncritically write such xenophobic garbage as “a lot of offender move to the countries not get a job but commit a crime.” Where is your evidence for this? Are you seriously listing that racist knucklehead Goro Ono as one of your sources for this post? You do know that the level of crime among foreign residents in Japan is far below that of Japanese citizens? You also know that many of the “crimes” that are committed by them are immigration offenses, don’t you?

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