Social Deviance of Discipline

Have you ever thought about social deviance of children’s discipline between Japan and America? The discipline by Japanese parents is normal in Japan, but will be against the law in America, when parents hit their children in public. Well, I was grown up from both views so I had not much of an impression, but as I got older, I started to notice on the difference. I think the culture is different to start out with. First of all, you will almost never see a person hitting another in occasions or a television show that hits people like in the “Manzai” in America. But in Japan, especially in the Kansai area I believe they have the highest possibility in hitting the others while talking. I am not sure about in the Kanto area, but child discipline in Kansai is astonishing to foreigners, I believe.

On the other hand, in America, if a parent is caught when hitting a child in public by a police, there is a high chance of being put in jail. So far, I don’t know any people that happened to but, hitting discipline in America is very strict. Looking at this, we can see that Japan and America has almost the opposite social deviance. Therefore, when travelling to other areas, you have to think about the social deviance in that area.

Anyways, just by crossing an ocean, it’s amazing how the social deviance differs this much. However, I believe other Asian nations might be similar to Japan or maybe even harsher!? Therefore, there might be difference from the stereotype of Asians and Non-Asians. I don’t know about the other social deviance difference in other nation, so it would be more interesting if there’s somebody who is capable in comparing it, then I would like you to let me know about the other places are.

by Cody Ueda

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