Is Rational System Good?

It is important to have communication and connection between people, like the idea learned in class about the rational system, which is an idea of just thinking of you own only and not the others. The example I liked the most was when our professor said about the teaching style. Now it is just about 20 students, but it is possible for him to teach thousands or millions of students cramming students in big class or teaching over the internet. This method is very efficient in teaching the professor’s knowledge to many students; however, there might be students who might not understand some points, but the professor will not really care about or look after for that student. This shows that there is almost no close connection between the students and the professor. Therefore, the class right now with about 20 students is perfect to keep connections and make lots of communications.

I really believe that not just only the students and professors/teachers, but the communications and the connections between many people are very important to everyone. By having communication, people feel better and seems like they are supported by the others; but, if a person is lonely and hardly makes any communication, he/she will feel that something important within their life is missing. The connection with people will help each individual in their life, so the rational system is not good. In my opinion, I think that rational system is just a system that loses the important connections with people in order to just spread one’s idea and teachings. I believe the people who are reading this will have something in their mind that communication and interacting with each individual is important and the idea of rational system is inefficient and not many people will agree with it.

by Cody Ueda

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