Discrimination of Burakumin


There are various people who are discriminated in the world. Burakumin has been also discriminated since about 300 years ago in Japan. Just because they are Burakumin, they are varied discriminated. For example, they could`t marry by the partner`s relatives opposing because they ware Burakumin. One company had a list of Burakumin and they ware discriminated when they send a curriculum vitae. The other example is that the infrastructure did not equipped in only their living area.

Then why are they discriminated? The origin goes back to Edo period. Edo Bakufu, the government of that era, made a lowest class of citizens to turn away the citizen troubled by the heavy tax. Edo Bakuhu ordered people who get job which nobody wants to get, the leather industry, slaughterhouse, to live in definite area and fix their social standing. In Meiji period, Meiji government declare liberation of Burakumin  but the discrimination has been continuing.

Although today it is said that the existence of discriminating consciousness is fading out for migration of people or residences, the consciousness of discriminating are not improved but simply the consciousness of avoiding go underwater. And an alliance of Burakumin liberation which is the organization of Burakumin for canceling discrimination prevent solving discrimination in a true meaning because people think it troublesome and fearful for the power of the organization. The other opinion is that continuing a special law for Burakumin generates new prejudice.

How can we solve the problems? I think there are two ways.The one is that educators should not emphasize on Burakumin too much in elementary school. Excessive emphasis plants the consciousness of distinction for children conversely. It connects discrimination. The other is knowing. I think that discrimination comes from ignorant. So we do not avert our eyes from the problem of discrimination, but we try to get to know more deeply.


by Shinji Nisiura

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