How to apply for an entry visa.

Do you know how to apply an entry visa in Japan? It is very important but complicated procedure for coming into Japan for foreigners. Based on the law for the immigration control refugee authorization, the foreigners who are to get into Japan have to get and prepare a valid passport and a visa which is issued by Japanese government. People can get the visa by the embassy of Japan or the Japanese Consulate General. In addition, they must get visa until coming into Japan because they cannot get them when they have already come in Japan.

There are two patterns to get the visa in terms of the purpose. That means the procedures are different between the case for sightseeing, making a business, seeing acquaintance or relatives, and the case for staying for more than 90 days because of the work. In this blog, I would like to pick up the case for the long stay based on working. First at all, foreigners who plan to come into Japan need to get some necessary documents. There are five classifications of documents in terms of the purpose of entering Japan: vocational visa, general visa, specific visa, diplomatic visa, official visa. For example, in the reception of the candidates for a care worker or nurse based on the economic agreement between the Philippines and Japan, people who want to come to Japan need “specific visa”. They are permitted to stay for only three or four year by the visa, because if they have their medical licenses in their country, they cannot use it in Japan. So, they have to pass the national examination in Japan, otherwise, they have to go back their country. The documents for the specific visa are a passport, an application for the visa, a photograph of the face for certification, and the certificate for the qualification of residing in Japan. However, the candidate for the care worker and nurse cannot get that certificate for the qualification and they must make appointment with government establishments abroad individually. If they can get this certificate, the procedure for visa would be clearer and more simply.

The population of the people who leaves their homes in search of temporary work just goes on being larger. Then, it is natural that the number will be more and more in the future throughout the globalization. However, there are some problems that necessary documents for the migrant workers are not clear. In this illegible stance of Japanese government, we Japanese cannot participate in this problem.  It is important that Japan prepare the clearer and more simply explanations for the visa.


by Sayaka Kurata

3 thoughts on “How to apply for an entry visa.

  1. I have seen Web site of the MInistry of Foreign Affairs of Japan about visa. It is so complecated and I think it takes long time to prepare all documents and be admitted by Japanese gavernment. I think Japan should or have to accept foreigners for Japanese society in the future, therefore I suppose the governmant should give symple, detailed and clear explanation about visa as you said. In case of care workers or nurses you mentioned, the government is so strict to them. It is too hard to study japanese, learn Japanese medical care and pass the exam at the same time. I believe the government should give an extension of a few years.

  2. Thank you for the comment.
    The other day, I told with an international student about the difficulity of appling to
    visa in Japan, She said that the way for getting visa is very complicated so that she took a very long time to get the visa for living in Japan. Althought the Japanese government should check the foreigners carefully, I would like to insist that it is also important to accept foreign people more kindly.
    To improve the situation that I said above, it will be the first step to persist the difficulity of appling visa to the Japanese government. That means we young Japanese people should think about the Japanese government. For example, whether there are ideas that reflect our opinions or not. These days, I offten feel that our actions to the government should influence our future.
    Thank you.

  3. I didn’t know how to apply for visa in Japan. Usually, we pay attention other countries apply for other country visa. Sometime we pay attention information about visa if we go to study abroad.
    However, we not pay attention to Japan visa. I felt that is very difficult to other countries parson. I think that have origin from Japan is nation state. If Japan would open to other countries parsons, visa system would change to more easy.

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