Migrant Worker and Education in China

Do you recognize what it is? Many children are gathered at small rooftop, and the national flag of China is hoisted in front of them. People call it “the roof top elementary school”. There is no schoolyard, gym and even roof, but children study here every day. Many people are interested in the school.

This school is one of the elementary school for migrant worker. Children of migrant workers from farm village go to this school. This type of school always is in the big city in China, and children study under worse educational circumstance than public elementary school remarkably. The schoolhouse is a building which has four floors. There are many houses and buildings around the school, so it is difficult to find it. The entrance and door are narrow. The school has classrooms, dormitory, and lunchroom, but these are simple rooms which are for living. The schoolhouse is too small for 375 children to study.

Elementary schools for migrant worker in China are run differently, but the school that I told is a general type. It is said that their surrounding improved gradually. However big cities which continue economic growth need labor forces of migrant workers and security system do not reach to migrant workers and their children now. Elementary schools for migrant workers try to make interest of many people and get a lot of support. At present, the project of reconstruction of the elementary school which I told gets ahead surely. It needs three million yen or four million yen.

There are many children who want to study even under harsh condition like this school. My condition to study is not to be compared with them of children of migrant workers, so I think I have to study harder. I hope that reconstruction perfect safely and elementary school for migrant worker improves greatly.





by Ayako Ueda

2 thoughts on “Migrant Worker and Education in China

  1. Thank you for the interesting post. When I saw the picture at the first time without your explanation, I thought it was kind of a demonstration or something. I saw it again after I read your explanation; however, I could not believe it is a school. Children especially in a elementally school students are curious for everything and they might want going around the playground They can learn from not only study, but also playing with friends, I think, but no one can play in such a small place. You said that this school is for children of migrant worker, so I was surprised at differentiating the school depends on whose children.
    What is worse, there are children who even cannot go to school. Chinese government press forward one-child policy. When the mother has the second child, that child is build up secretly. Such a child cannot even go to the school, but helping their mother to do the house work. I assume it is extremely hard to put up with the situation that staying at home all day long while their sister or brother go to school, and have to live as if they do not exist. Studying at too small school is problematic of course, but there are children who even cannot go to school….

  2. I did not know this kind of school in China. By reading your post, I learned children migrant workers have to study in poor surroundings. I worry that they cannot study effciently in such schools, they lose chance to have higher education, so their future way left to do is to become low paid workers. It is a kind of vicious cycle.
    This post says “elementary schools for them try to make interest of many people and get a lot of support”. It is important to get support to run theschool. However, this way is not good for children, I think.
    And I had a question. Does chinese government know this fact and plan some solutions? I think government should help its reconstruction because it costs much money and a lot of schools really need help.

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