Immigration problem of decrease in the birthrate age in France ~Should Japan accept the immigration?~

  “Although I am disagreeable, there is only this.” The young man who caused the riot by the young men of immigration system of France was talking like this on television. To accept immigration in France starts age of independence of African countries. Why does France have much immigration? The answer is in history. After World War Ⅱ finished, the population decreased sharply. France government decided to accept a lot of immigration to solve worker insufficient problem. The cause which this riot broke out is an economical blunder of second and third immigration by Vietnam War and Algeria war of independence.

Immigration has great influence on the country. After World War Ⅱ finished, a lot of  black persons came to America and black culture was spread by them. Rhythm and blues, lap music and reggae became famous by them. In addition, after Vietnam War finished, a lot of the Puerto Rico system immigration came to New York and Salsa music was spread by them. If Japanese government decides to accept immigration, our culture may change. For example, many Japanese people may speak English fluently.

A decrease in the birthrate appears in advanced nations recent years and a main subject of many development countries government will be immigration problem like an American popular rights movement and the young man riot of France. According to the date “present condition of a decrease in the birthrate and future prospect” of National Institute of Population and Social Security Research, Japanese population of over age 65 will be 20 percent in 2006, it will be 25 percent in 2014 and it will be 30 percent in 2033. In the future, Japan will be the most age people around the world. Cultural communication will become important for Japanese people, because a decrease in the birthrate is progressing in Japan and immigration may be accepted in order to obtain workers. Do you think should Japan accept immigration more?


by Sunao Tanaka

One thought on “Immigration problem of decrease in the birthrate age in France ~Should Japan accept the immigration?~

  1. I think Japan should accept more immigrants. This is because they could be a manpower to Japanese society, especially in the field of nursing. If they work in Japan and pay their taxes, many systems in Japan such as pension could run as usual. I also think that it is need cooperation of both government and each municipality to be successful of this plan.
    However, I worry about the possibility of occurring clash between immigrants and Japanese about work or other thing. Some Japanese would have a strong image that they are foreigner, so there would be a conflict because of difference in value.

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