The reasons of Zainichi Koreans’ hostility toward Japan

I watched the movies “Pacchigi” and “Go” both of which are stories about Zainichi Koreans through the class. In both movies, Zainichi Koreans usually have a hostile against Japanese. I was shocked to see that. I like Koreans and have a lot of Korean friends, so this fact made me sad. I think I am a good friend with my Korean friends. Then, I have been considering why the most of the Zainichi Koreans dislike Japanese. I came up with four reasons for this.

First, there is an unchangeable fact that Japan annexed to Korea in the past. At that time, Japanese people integrated Korea cruelly Japanese forced Koreans to assimilate Japanese culture, language, and name. They also treated with Koreans severely. Then, Koreans have an image that all Japanese people are spiteful.

Second, Japanese people actually discriminated against Zainichi Koreans just because they are different from Japanese. Japanese despised, teased, and did something spiteful to Zainichi Koreans. Some Japanese are so mean to Zainichi Koreans that a lot of Koreans living in Japan have an image that all Japanese people are ill-natured.

Third, even though any Japanese isn’t hard on Zainichi Koreans, Zainichi Koreans have some stresses because Zainichi Koreans are often disliked by Koreans living in Korea. It’s because Zainichi Koreans don’t have duty of military service in spite of their nationalities as Koreans, Zainichi Koreans had right to come back to Korea, but they didn’t, and during The Korean War, Zainichi Koreans didn’t fight and fled to Japan. Then, Zainichi Koreans take it out on Japanese just because Zainichi Koreans feels some stresses

Fourth, it’s just because Zainichi Koreans envy Japanese people’s wealthy by comparing with themselves or their own country Korea. Japan is a well developed country and has a lot of good points. For example, Japan is the safest country of all countries and there’re a lot of splendid cultures in Japan. Thus, Korean people usually envy Japanese.

For four reasons, Zainichi Korean have animosity toward Japanese people, I suppose. Even though there is such a Korean who doesn’t like Japanese, I like Korean people very much.

by Akimi Yano

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