English Conversation Schools in U.S. Military Bases

There are 135 U.S. military bases in this small country, Japan. Topics about U.S. military bases are recognized widely especially relating to Futenma base camp in Okinawa and the discussion is still going on. For the most part, issues related to U.S. military bases in Japan are spoken with negative implications. For example, some Okinawan people argue about the noises combat planes make, or about some serious crimes committed by U.S. soldiers. However, in this post, I would like to put my focus on positive impacts that U.S. military bases give to Japanese society, mentioning an example of English conversation schools inside the base.

How many of the readers of this blog know about English conversation schools in the U.S. military base? In fact, I did not know much until I began researching about it in writing this post. Though there aren’t many, there are some U.S. military bases that preserve English conversation schools. I would like to mention about Mommies’ English School in Sumouhara base as an example.

Mommies’ English School is located in the American Town within Sumouhara base where 2000 Americans live. It serves comfortable time to have natural conversation with native English speakers and it is possible to change your instructor if he/she was compatible to you. By learning at this school, it is possible to acquire not only English skills, but also able to become conscious of ‘real’ culture and customs. English conversation schools in U.S. military bases enable you to feel as if you are studying abroad without stirring to other countries.
It is always important to look at both positive and negative points. Here, I touched some positive aspects on U.S.  military bases especially those to Japanese society, since negative aspects are taken up only. Just arguing does not necessary lead to the solution of issues. It is sometimes important to look at the good effects U.S. military bases give to Japanese society.

by Minami Hosokawa


3 thoughts on “English Conversation Schools in U.S. Military Bases

  1. I didn’t know about English Coversation School in U.S.armys and it was quite surprised that they are teaching cultures too. I want to know that how they teach about Okinawa cultures and what children feels about Okinawa KIchi problem.

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