Is this exactly the difference of the nationality?

Yukari Deguchi

Let me write my opinions about the small differences of nationalities that we feel in our daily life. I got this during the last class.

When I discussed about Chinese social dance party and the subculture groups which were formed by Chinese participants in the class, I found that we have a belief when we come in contact with foreigners. For example, if we found some differences between me and he or she, we would usually think “it’s because he or she is not Japanese”. Of course, the idea is not wrong, but it’s not necessarily right. When you have some experiences, for example, you and the person’s opinions didn’t mesh, or you felt rude although the person thought he or she treated you with kindness, did you thought it was because of the difference of nationalities? Although most of those cases would be got over with the difference of nationalities, but isn’t it controversial topic? I think the situations can be seen in the pure Japanese society. Sometimes Japanese can’t understand each other like the situations we have with foreigners. It’s also usual in the Japanese society. However, when the person is foreigner we feel the differences between us are very unusual things because we look at him or her through lends of the race without knowing.

I have this idea because the way to form subgroups in Chinese dance party is very similar to that of Japan. They formed groups based on their regions, educational background, interests and generations, and they also feel uncomfortable to sit in different groups although both of them are Chinese immigrants.

I don’t mean that it’s not good to think “because he or she is not Japanese”. It’s natural that we feel the differences of nationalities. However, I think that getting all differences over with the nationality makes invisible barrier between people. Therefore, we should carefully think weather the differences among us were because of personality or nationality.

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