Same-sex kissing in Japanese Entertainment Industry

Yes, they are two straight guys. And yes, they are kissing.

In Japan, one of many bizarre things that amaze me is that, even though homosexuality or bisexuality are still taboo subjects in the society (and there are still negative perceptions and condescending remarks  targeted at the out-of-closet queers),  the line of sexuality is blurred in the world of entertainment.  Two guys in a boy band can kiss without anyone doubting their ‘straightness’ or labelling them as gays. Why, they can even lick and grope each other on stage and then come home as straight as ever.

When I first got into the world of Japanese entertainment, I was surprised (and weirded out) to find such acts were done frequently by the idols, in concerts and music events. But that is not all; the even weirder part is that the female fans love it! The ear-splitting screams echoed through the stadium every time  the idols do something ‘intimate’ convince me that the fans not only love it but they want more!

In Sociology class we learned that there are heterosexual women that engage in same-sex kissing as a way to get attention, but in Japan, I can say that the male idols also kiss each other for the same reason; the attention of their fans. And somehow, the whole thing is even made as a value for marketing purposes.

While we know that the male idols make out as a ‘fan service’, I cannot fathom why the female fans love seeing two of their favourite male idols kiss.  Like the guys who love seeing girl kissing another girl in a party, do Japanese fan girls also find male-kissing-male ‘hot’ too?  Or is it only because it is a kiss between two handsome guys?

Regardless of the answer, we can still conclude that the role of sex and gender in Japanese entertainment is definitely different from the norms.  Japanese idols certainly bring new perspective of what doing gender really means.  And that sexuality, sexual desires and behaviours do not always have to be parallel and they can very much contradict one another, without us losing our sexual identity over them.


         By Sakina Mahmud

2 thoughts on “Same-sex kissing in Japanese Entertainment Industry

  1. The reason why girls love to see it, isn’t the fact that the boy ‘might be’ gay, but they see them as straight realy goodlooking guys that make out in there front, it’s no different why boys do like seeing gils kissing or even more, lesbian sex.
    In the west it’s not like that mostly there are few girls who like it, as you can see most western-girls in the asian industrie do like it, special in k-pop and j-rock industrie.
    They like the idea to see two hot boys that kiss and touch each other, but dislike seeing another girl does this with them. Not all wish to be that girl but more,..hate?… her, more so if she is handsome has a perfect figure they will feel ugly, if she isn’t one of them they will start bashing her (korean k-pop fans do that a lot).
    In Porn the mans face is mostly not visibel so the boy can think that he is the man in charge.
    Why they like to see lesbian sex, don’t know, maybe they still just see the two hot girl doing it, and not the fact that they are 100% lesbian and not bisexuall so they have 0% chance to hit them, they just ignore the fact.

    It’s just the fact that they see them. I too prefer to see a picture of two handsome boys/girls kiss then an average looking couple, or even hot boy with not so pretty girl or vice versa.

  2. haha!!this blog is too explicit…lol..anyway, on a more serious note, this post got me thinking more about gender…who makes the rules? why cant a guy kiss another guy?(not that i want well, i don’t know a lot about the Japanese entertainment industry but i do think that these pop stars kiss to get more attention from their female fans. i agree with Len,its no different from girls kissing in order to get attention from guys. one other thing i have noticed is that there seems to be a very thin line between masculinity and femininity here in japan whereby boys take the time to do their hair,some go as far as tinting it, wearing stuff that girls normally wear like skinny jeans and some other crazy outfits but that does not necessarily mean that they are gay or attracted to the same sex..

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