Should we accept immigrants to Japan?

I think it’s good to accept immigrants to Japan.  There are some good reasons.  First, now, Japan is aging society.  The population is now declining in Japan.  So, if immigrants live in Japan and get married with Japanese, we can bump up Japanese population.  Second, we can receive pension plenty.  Positive countries to accept immigrants like the U.S, Canada, and Australia have no problem about pension, so if immigrants work in Japan, it’s good for our society.  It means that if they pay tax, elderly people can receive enough pension.  Third, we can usually meet many cultures.  Japan is isolated country, so we didn’t have relationship with other culture.  We don’t get used to be with other countries’ people, so this is the good opportunity to be multicultural country.

On the other hand, there are some bad points to accept them.  First, there are immigrants who receive unfair profits.  I heard one example of unfair immigrants from my relative.  They live in Japan with no working, even though they are healthy, and they are on welfare.   Their life style in Japan gives bad influence to our society, so we shouldn’t keep this situation.  Second one is about employment issue.  Even though we are in problem of employment issue in Japan, if we accept immigrants, there will have less jobs for Japanese.

I think quota immigration Act is good for our society.  It’s not for shut out immigrants, it’s for control to be well-ordered.  Quota immigration Act in the U.S is for turn down immigrants especially Asian by control number of immigrants who live in the U.S less than two percent per each country.  My thinking of Quota immigration act is controlling the number of immigrants according to their past year’s behavior.  For example, if immigrants from China did just few crimes in 2015, we will accept more immigrants from China in 2016.

Making it enforce, we should have some efforts.  One, we should teach Japanese for them.  Unless immigrants can speak kind of Japanese, they can’t become familiar with our society in the true sense of the word, so we should make this opportunity for them.  Other aspect, this is good for Japanese because it could make jobs for Japanese teachers.  Two, we should enfranchise for immigrants. (just for permanent residents)  This is to be expected rights for them.

I think we can keep our stability if we enforce my thinking of Quota immigration Act.

by Konomi Yamamoto


7 thoughts on “Should we accept immigrants to Japan?

  1. I agree with her. I think Japan should accept immigrants, because it is good for us to know other culture, and new thoughts will come into our country. However, accepting immigrants is difficult. Japan has to prepare to accept and set up systems, for example, creating laws and builting houses. It takes a lot of time, so Japan will be able to accept immigrants in the remote future.

    • Thank you for providing me a comment.
      Yeah, I think so,too.
      It’s difficult to accept immigrants for us.
      You told that we should build houses.
      Are these houses just for immigrants?
      I think immigrants cannot fit in to Japanese community if we build immigrants’ building.

  2. accepting immigrants is a good idea
    i agree with the idea of increasing the number of immigrants in japan, but it is not good idea reducing the number of immigrant from next year if they commit crimes in japan. the reasons or the factors why the rate of committing crime in japan by immigrant increase is not because only they are responsible. there should be some responsibilities for our country’s law or infrastructure for making immigrants comfortable to live. i think the crime rate by immigrants depends on how much they can live in japan comfortably. so by providing good environments for immigrants, the crime rate decline, and the society of both japanese and non japanese would be more better and happier.

    • Thank you for providing me a comment.

      I assent your opinion.
      We should make livable society for everybody who live in Japan.
      I think unequal opportunity in employment is the most important problem that needs to be solved.

  3. I agree with her opinion. I think Japan should accept immigrants, because the population is now declining in Japan, so we don’t know whether we can receive the pension plenty. However, I think accepting immigrants is difficult for Japan. Positive countries to accept immigrants like the U.S, Canada, and Australia use English, but Japanese people use Japanese. There are very few people who can speak Japanese in the world, so I think government support for language is necessary to accept immigrants.

    • Thank you for providing me a comment.

      Yes, I think “Japanese” is the most difficult problem to accept immigrants to Japan.
      Government and private sector should prepare Japanese-language school for immigrants.
      It can clear up language problem of immigrants.
      And also it links employment opportunity for Japanese.

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