Refugees cannot fit in and would take jobs from Japanese

by Reina Doi

Recently, lots of refugees are coming to Japan to expect better living, but most of them are not accepted as refugees, so they forced displacement. For this situation, some people criticized that this is not appropriate as a country which ratify the treaty of refugees,and Japan should accept more refugees. However, I disagree that opinion in that employment issue, cultural aspects and national sentiments.

First of all, I believe if Japan admits many refugees to come, more Japanese will feel difficulty to find job, and it will make hierarchy in Japanese society. Employer prefers low cost to employ, so refugees would rob work from Japanese people, and an unemployment rate will increase. In addition, society will divide into two opposites, and as a result, cognition that refugees should do working which people do not want to do will be general. Thus, increasing refugees affects Japanese employment.

Next, there are big culture shock if refugees come to Japan, and especially language seems suffered them. Language is the basic of communication, and important in everything one does. Of course, refugees who come to Japan did not study Japanese in their own country, even English is not so common, and not useful in daily life, so Japan is not good to live. However, Japanese government does not support for them to learn language, so it is too hard to live like their home country.

Finally, national sentiments could be important when we think about refugees. Many Japanese normally feel uncomfortable around foreigners, because it is rare that foreigners live in Japan compared with other countries. For instance, U.S. is formed by immigrants, and even now there are lots of people are coming and live together. However, Japan is not same as U.S., and even though Japan ratified the treaty of refugees, it does not match public opinion, so if government enforce to admit more refugees, they would suffer from discrimination. Besides, if tax which is caused for taking care of refugees increase, antipathy will burst, and it makes demonstration which accept lots of refugees.

To sum up, saving Japanese worker, culture differences in that language and national sentiments is the reason that I disagree to allow. Japan seems that it is not appropriate to admit refugees, because there are no good system to save refugees and people are exclusive. Therefore it does not good effect for refugees, and they will feel difficulty to live Japan. For these reasons, I think Japan should not allow more refugees.

One thought on “Refugees cannot fit in and would take jobs from Japanese

  1. 1) In case you haven’t noticed, Japan has a rapidly aging population and a shrinking birthrate. Without an influx of foreign workers, there won’t be enough people of working age to physically care for, not to mention financially support, the retired population. There won’t be enough Japanese laborers for the Japanese job market.
    2) Guess what? Japanese isn’t that hard to learn. It’s really not. Refugees are often oppressed peoples who grow up bilingually speaking both their native language and the state language. They pick up new languages easily. They’re also survivors, resourceful people who have managed to escape their own country and enter another. They learn quickly as a matter of survival. Learning Japanese is the least of their problems.
    3) The prejudices of Japanese people (the author’s included) is not a sufficient reason to shirk the commitment made by Japan when they signed on to the Refugee convention. The solution to prejudice is not to allow the prejudiced people to continue living in a bubble with their biased unchallenged. Join the rest of the world, embrace a diversity of ideas and perspectives, reap the benefits of new blood, and do it while saving the lives of asylum seekers.

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