by Robert Moorehead

Props to Ritsumeikan alum Yuya Kuori for having his post “The stereotype of black people in Japan” get its 10,000th view this weekend. The blog has had nearly 80,000 views, so about 1 in 8 of those views have been of Yuya’s post.

Most of the traffic for Yuya’s post has come from Google searches that include the words “stereotype,” “black people,” and “Japan.” So if you’re writing a post, don’t make the title an afterthought! The right title can lead to more traffic to your post.

Most student papers sit unread in a drawer (or on a hard drive) after being graded, but the posts on this blog continue to draw hits long after students have graduated. Congratulations, Yuya. Which post will be the next to hit 10,000?

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