Undocumented Immigrants

by Maho Machida

In America, about 1100 million immigrants live illegally. They don’t have future in their country and come to America, seeking a better life. Some people commit a crime and that is a fear of local people. The case of Farmingville is a good example. Other people work hard, having a fear of deportations. Undocumented immigrations are burdens and the cause of deterioration in security for American society. On the other hand, they are necessary labor force for them. They are engaged in the jobs the American don’t want to do. Most of workers in agriculture are immigrants, including undocumented immigrants.

Considering this situation, I agree with Obama’s framing of undocumented immigrant issues. I think those who are not a threat to the US security can or should contribute to its society. So I agree with the DREAM act. The government should provide the young with a certain legal status and permanent residency, I think. The reasons are as follows. The young undocumented immigrants who followed their parents as children grew up in America and have an American identity. They are innocent and some of them didn’t know they live illegally until they apply for the university and driver license. With regard to their parents, it is inevitable to return to their country as punishments for illegal stay, I think. If not, the inequality between those who have a child or not could be caused. However, it is necessary the consideration that their deportation should be deferred until their children become independent, I think.

As I state above, I’m in favor of DREAM Act, however I don’t hope that it leads to increase the number of undocumented immigrations. In my opinion, it would be not good for both a sending and receiving country. In a sending country, its development would remain worse because of population drain. In receiving country, the number of the problems accompanied with it would increase. Therefore, regulations in border should be enforced in order not to enter illegally. Moreover, a work visa should be more flexible and easier accessible to immigrants, so that the companies in America can keep workforce and immigrants can get jobs.

It seems natural to me that everyone seeks a better life, hoping good future. Therefore, such people can realize it their country, or a new country where they migrate legally from their country. I hope such world comes true someday.


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