What is a “fair” society?

by Azusa Iwata

I was wondering if there is a real “fair” society in the world?  I think there are no answers to my question because how we feel about “fairness” is different, depending on the person. I would like to think more about following the question in terms of “fairness”: “your company has produced a successful product and more has ¥100,000,000 to distribute as bonus, how should you distribute it?”

At first, it seems that the successful product is the only achievement of the team that developed the product. In that sense, the company should distribute all bonuses to the team that developed the product. However I think it is unfair because the most important thing is that the company is supported by all workers. In that sense, the company should distribute the same bonus to all workers, which should be fair to all the workers. However, it also makes me feel unfair because the workers that produced the successful product spent a lot of their time to produce that successful product, compared to other workers. In terms of how much time they spent for the project, in my opinion, at first, the bonus should go to the team that developed the product like 50%. Then, CEO should get 25 % because CEO left the project up to the team that developed the product. I think CEO’s judgment was right, which deserves 25%. Finally all workers should be distributed 25% even though they were not involved in the developed team. It is because the workers are working for the company, which might have helped the team that developed the product indirectly. In this way, it is clear that all workers involve the team that developed the project not directly but invisible ways.

In conclusion, above the example of the way to distribute the bonus is just my opinion in terms of “fair” society. As it is clear, what the “fair” society is different depend on who we are. However, I think we need an undisputed “fair” society because there are a lot of social problems, such as big gaps between the rich and the poor.  I think there should be various ways to solve those problems, but a “fair” society is the first step to make the society better. In order to make a “fair” society, I think we should have the definition that can judge what “fair” in this situation is clearly. In short, we need the definition of “fair” in various situations. I hope the “fair” society that all people can admit will come in the future , which can make the society better.

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