Thoughts on Inequality

by Kaoru Inoue

We live in a capitalist world – it is the world of winners and losers; it is the world of the rich and the poor; it is the world of developed countries and developing countries. Capitalists discuss people in developing countries like what we can do and should do; by fortune or not fortune, we tend to keep our thoughts with people in developing countries. This is done through media reports, education, bake sales, charities, and etc. Capitalists yet know themselves that they cannot connect people of developed and developing countries into one as a form of equality. Capitalism is something we have been enjoying and this will not disappear as long as we keep living in capitalism. Capitalism is the ideology which brought physical wealth in the form of money or say profit. As Christmas comes nearby, NGOs like World Vision have posted many posters to save children before Christmas. Keeping our thoughts with people in developing countries is not sustainable at this moment. A lot of people have tried to formalize an ideal form of society money-wise; however, those discussions have gone like daydreaming stories upon the reality. The discussion of equality is too idealistic and also not sustainable. Ideally everybody wants to have equality. However, inequality exists and people have tried to tackle this. Without being pessimistic, economic inequality is first of all, unavoidable. They are good at showing their first moves – they are good at getting information and give some thoughts. Taking an example of World Vision, how many of these people found touchy about a poster? How many of them decided to make a pledge? How many of them at least decide to learn more about those children? If capitalists consider people’s lives in developing countries, they shall know by now the limitations on discussions.

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