Social Networking

by Julia Helbing

“Social networking … it’s the way the 21st century is communicating today!” (WISN 2011)

A social network is a social structure of individuals or organizations. You can find them between people, like families and friends, but you can also find them using the internet on for example social networking sites.

I think that this quotation became a very true quotation over the last years. Nowadays, people all over the world use social networks, especially social media, to communicate or trade all over the world. They became very famous because every action and interaction is happening in the very same minute. If you order a book on Amazon in England, but you are in Japan, the seller will still get a notification about your order just some seconds after you placed it. Social networks are also very important in the product of designing, e.g. a new shoe. I saw a report on TV about the Adidas Designer Team. They have laboratories all over the world and still manage to work together hand in hand. If the work in America is done at nighttime, the design and all progresses are forwarded to Europe. In Europe, it is daytime so the work can be continued without any delay.

Social networks bring the world closer together. It is very easy to communicate with business partners even if you are located far away. In some business branches it became very common to hold business meetings online, especially with Skype. You can talk to each other in real time, and thus can make urgent decisions in the blink of an eye. This is very important concerning that some business transactions need such urgent decisions to react to changes in the environment. But Skype also became a very useful tool for everyone. I use it to talk with my family in Germany. I also spoke with my family via Skype when I was in Germany too, because you cannot just call, but also video chat with your partner.

With the expansion of the usage of social networks, the usage and the number of social media has also increased. Millions of people have created a Facebook account, to share their thoughts with friends and families and to stay in contact with them. The same happened to Twitter, many people set up their accounts to tell the people what they are up to or what is just happening. Many musicians or politicians also use social media nowadays, which is ought to bring them closer to people that are interested in following those people.

In my opinion, the world today could not work without social networks like it is working now. Many business processes would take a lot more time, which will affect production process in the end. It would also affect the life of every people. We are used to the usage of social networks every day. If they would be limited or very hard to reach, I think many people would have to change their lifestyle.

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