Refugees in Japan

by Misa Takahashi

I learned a lot of things about ‘Refugees in Japan’ in this class, and I feel that there are two alienations for refugees in Japan through this class. One of the alienations is ‘aspect of mental alienation’. The other is ‘aspect of system’. I would like to talk about this two alienations, and then I consider about solutions for refugee in Japan problems.

First is ‘mental alienation’. For example, languages and culture barriers, no jobs, and children struggle in school. Of course, these infringe on the life of refugees. Especially, no jobs are serious problem. In Japan, money is most important for living, so no way to work means that no way to live. In fact, if there is jobs for them, these jobs generally something calling ‘3K’. It means that the works of bad situation, kitanai (duty), kitsui (hard), kiken (danger) in Japanese. These are low wages, they can’t have enough income for living. Also, languages and culture barriers and children struggle in school break their mental, difficult to live in Japanese society.

Second is ‘system alienation’. According to the Ministry of Justice, the number of refugees who apply to the institution for refugee admission is 1,867, but only 21 people are admitted. Moreover, these 14 of 21 admitted people once weren’t admitted. They didn’t become admitted refugees until they lodge the not-admitted for the institution. As I have said, Japan system for refugees disturb that they live in Japan.

Considering above mentioned, two alienations for refugees disturb their lives in Japan. On the other hands, words of migration and refugee are not familiar for Japanese. The reason I think are that education about migration and refugee is not enough, the number of admitted refugees is very few, and there is discrimination for foreigners. I think that these are roots the two alienations. We are unfamiliar with refugees, not enough educated, discriminate against foreigners, so there are these issues in our society, I think. To solve these issues, we have to solve the that fundamental problems first.


Ministry of justice (final readings 2012,11,13)

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