Mexican Migration to the US

by Mihoko Sumitani

In this essay, I would like to talk about Mexican migrants in the United States. When I was in California, I saw many migrants there, especially Mexican migrants. I also found that most of them work for low wages as waiters or waitresses, bus drivers, cashiers, cleaners and so on. I was so wondering why there are so many Mexican migrant workers who work for low-wages. I could also see Mexican or other Latin nannies on TV or movies.

In historical view, southern parts of California were Mexican territories. The fact might make many Mexicans feel more comfortable to live in California. Also because of the fact that California is very close to Mexico, they can get easily reach to California.

Mexico represents the largest source of immigration to the United States. Of the 32.5 million foreign born, 9.8 million or 30 percent were from Mexico. This is the largest source. Now Hispanic is the largest minority in the United States over African-American. This current situation causes many problems in the United States.

Firstly, there are many undocumented migrants as it is said that Mexico is the single largest source of undocumented migrants in the United States. They came to work in the United States because they know they can get higher wages or salary than those which they can get in Mexico even though the work is low-class in the United States. Because of these Mexican migrants, many white lose their job. Employers prefer hiring those migrants than white as those migrants work for lower wages or salary.

Secondly, there are large number of Spanish-speaking population in those areas where have many Latino migrants. In fact, I heard from my host mother that if people want to work in supermarket or something like that, it is more likely that people who can speak both English and Spanish are hired because there are many customers who are Latinos.

These problems make white think that Mexican or other Latino could be their threat and they might break the societies that used to be. What is worse, Latino could be majority in the United States in the farther future. Those thoughts might cause many Latino victims for white criminals.

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