How to Treat Undocumented Children

by Misato Okumura

There are many undocumented children in the States. This is because their parents brought them there when they were little. They were not born in the States but they have surrounded by American culture and grown up there so their identity is almost same as other American children. But they get to know they are not American citizen when they apply for university since their parents are illegal immigrants and they are undocumented. President Obama has been trying to give them a right to live in the States legally by so-called “Dream Act”. Because this is not the children’s fault. They didn’t choose to be illegal immigrant. Their parents did. But should the States really give them a right? Is it good for them? I don’t think this should happen.

First, if they allow them to get a right to stay in the country, more illegal immigrants move to the States to raise up their children. The parents might come to the US only for giving their children to get a right to live in the States. The parents might stay with them because these children might be able to get higher education and higher job. This will increase the number of illegal immigrant.

Second, if some people in the States have a tendency to attack illegal immigrants, they shouldn’t let them stay in their country. It might increase crimes even though illegal immigrants are less likely to commit to crime. If you think you need to protect the children, accepting them as US citizen is not an only way to do so since some people might attack them because of their faces. Even though the children get a citizenship it won’t be decreased because they attack people who look immigrant. So this might bring more crimes in the States.

These 2 points are important for thinking about illegal immigrants and their children in the States. If the United States allows immigrant children stay in their country, it will bring more illegal immigrant in the States and it will increase people who commit crimes. Do you still think you should accept immigrant children and give them citizenship? The answer is No.

“Dream Act” sounds very nice project but I don’t think immigrant children should be documented just because they have grown up in the States. Accepting them as their citizens will bring the country more crimes.

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