Dual Citizenship

by Natsumi Ichioka

In the last class, we discussed whether we allow dual citizenship or not. I agree with dual citizenship. Though I have only Japanese nationality, I would like to get another nationality if I could. There are two reasons.

First, I think dual citizens have more opportunities than single citizens. If you have the dual citizenship, you can go both countries anytime without visa. It is the extent of action. It also means when there are some urgent events for example funeral in one country, you can go there soon. It is so wastes of time to get a visa.

Secondly, there are so many countries which admit the dual citizenship. Japan doesn’t admit dual citizenship now. But, most of the developed countries admit it. U.S. government gave the nationality those who were born in U.S. Recently, the rates of the international marriage are getting high. The dual citizenship’s problems are so important in the world. In Japan, in 1984, the nationality constitution was reformed. People who were born before this reform and have dual citizenship have to decide one nationality by one’s effort. But this reform are not perfect, actually some people still have the dual citizenship in Japan. Japanese government tries to lose the dual citizenship, but it is impossible. So, we have to change this situation. I think Japan have to adopt with the foreign policy.

There are also some problems for example, crime, tax, war, conscription and so on. If you have a dual citizenship, and have a trouble in the foreign country, which country will help you? It is a complicated problem. Because I have a Japanese nationality, I can feel relief when I was in foreign country because Japanese government might help me when I have some trouble. It is the merit of the single citizenship.

But, we should adopt the positive trend in the world. There are so many people who have the dual citizenship in the world. We should not pay attention the negative case which deals with crime or war, but the way to make a good relation between the single nationality and dual citizenship. Japan has so many appeal points for example the skills of chemistry, the minds of the Japanese and so on. Most of Japanese people are proud of themselves. I think Japanese government admit the dual citizenship, the relationship with the foreign country becomes better. The world situations are changing for admitting the dual citizenships, Japan have to follow the changing as well. I hope many people who have in trouble with this problem can live more comfortably in Japan and in the world.



http://japanese.japan.usembassy.gov/j/acs/tacsj-dual.html 米国大使館 東京・日本

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