Dual Citizenship as a Global Consensus

by Manami Suetomo

Recently, the world has become increasingly globalized, that is why we cannot neglect the problem about dual citizenship. In fact, the numbers of countries which allow dual citizenship have been increasing, especially in Europe and the United States. Globalization will make further progress the acceptance of dual citizenship.

Thorough the discussion in the last class, I think dual citizenship have to be decided as a global consensus. In addition to the discussion, there are some advantages and disadvantages to allow the dual citizenship. First, I will explain the advantages. If the dual citizenship is accepted, it might provide an important bridge between two countries. It might connect two countries together strongly, and also, it might progress to expand opportunities of business overseas because it can help the employees’ lives. In short, dual citizenship can forward globalized world and it progress the global economy in many ways. Next, I will explain the disadvantages. If people have dual citizenship, they have rights and responsibilities in each country and the duplication might bring problems. For example, if people have two citizenships in two countries which have military conscription, people would have to choose the country where they are inducted into the army. It means people cannot do theirs duty in another country. In addition, dual citizenship may accelerate the hollowing-out especially in the developing countries, because people can move in search of jobs which give more money.

It goes without saying that one thing these advantages and disadvantages I mentioned above have in common is that at least two countries are involved about it. Therefore, it has to be decided whether dual citizenship is allowed or not as a common decision. Furthermore, because every country could be these two countries, it is preferable that dual citizenship have to be legislated as a global consensus. Even if dual citizenship is not allowed, global legislation can avoid conflicts between the countries over the rights and responsibilities.

In my opinion, promotion of globalization by dual citizenship can become good opportunities to accelerate the movement of people, culture and economy, so every country should accept dual citizenship as a global consensus. The movement can develop the world. However, there are still problems like the hollowing-out in developing countries and stereotype that immigrants cause troubles. These problems must be solved before the adoption of dual citizenship and it is a big issue in the future of dual citizenship.

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