Bright Side of Global Cities

by Misato Okumura

Today, more and more global cities are created in developing countries. The big firms in developed countries come to there to open their new business with cheaper costs and the governments there improve infrastructure and build nice facilities to welcome them. The reconstruction of developing countries kicks out local people who used to live there before the firms coming and also it makes the difference between rich people and poor bigger. The government in developing countries ignores their citizens to get business opportunity to develop their countries. But does it have only bad effects to their citizens? Their inviting the big firms to their countries has some advantages for their citizens too. I’ll show the 3 biggest points to support my opinion.

First, staying in developing countries will bring the workers in developed countries new discoveries. We, developed countries know a lot of things about other developed countries because we have had trading connection for a long time. But maybe it will be first time for the workers to stay in the countries for that long and they will find what attractive culture is there and introduce it to the world. This is good for the developing countries because the world may start looking at their country and if so, the government needs to start working on the structure of the society such as rich-poor balance. Moreover having the big firms brings a lot of profitability to their country and they can use it for their social security system. The difference between rich and poor is one of the biggest issues in developing countries. It will be better if they invite the big firms.

Second, global cities produce employment. This is not only because construction of global cities and improving infrastructure will produce a lot of employment but also the workers in developing countries need a connection with local people to run their business there. They need to work with an interpreter and sometimes a cultural instructor so they will get global connections from each others. This will be good opportunity for both of them to learn other culture in this globalizing world. And if they got an opportunity of cultural exchange at local level, it will work great for understanding their each culture and ethnicity.

Third, if the government makes a rule in which the firms need to share their technology and skills with the workers in the host countries, it will help their country develop. This is what China actually does in their special economy district. I think this can avoid “drain brain” and helps produce skilled local workers.

In conclusion, I think these 3 points are good side of global cities.

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