Globalization and Inequality

by Naoko Ohshima

Nowadays the world reaches the globalization era by progress in telecommunications technology and borderless of the economy.  Internationally the movement of people, fortune, service, capital, information and technology has a global effect on not only economic field but also politics, society, culture and environment, and so on.  Then who enjoy the blessings accompanied by progress of such globalization?  In other words, does everyone enjoy equality profit brought about by globalization?  Only a part of the rich or the developed countries are got it?  Today there are many argument about income distribution of the world accompanied by such globalization, namely, the world will or not become inequality with progress of globalization.

Under present conditions, credit shrunk by global financial panic.  And a food shortage  bring about a very large impact.  According to IMF, some hundred million people are exposed to crisis of hunger all over the world.  A billion laborers live less than one dollar per day.  Of course there are other problems like global warming, climate change and so on.  I will state about inequality focus on economic as follows.

The economic globalization speeds up an inequality of income globally.  According to investigation of the UN, now 1% class of the richest in the world occupy 40% individual assets of the world.  The income of wealth class is increasing on the one hand and poverty is advancing on the other, distribution become steady inequality.  The labor world change dramatically and rapidly accompanied by rapid globalization.  Generally, globalization made a switchover the balance of a power or an effect from laborer to capital.  The capital may cause move employment or industrial foothold from the one region to the other.  A ratio of wages hold national income is decreasing in regardless of developed or developing country on the one side, the profit of enterprise is increasing.  At the same time the situation of laborer is more and more severe.  Instability of labor reaches very dangerous level.

In conclusion, the progress of globalization means that a laborer and laborer union must improve international activity too.  All laborer union should is cope with only domestic for capital before. However it is the past story, now we are in the era which needs international strategy.  Not only form of decision in international meeting, but also we must include an international strategy in daily activity of laborer union.  We must fuse domestic and international activity of laborer union.  Globalization is that kind of thing, enterprise did those things for some years and laborer union also should put it in practice.




運動方針 基本的考え方

グローバル化と労働組合の「いま」’グローバル化 不平等’

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