Globalization and Inequality in the EU

by Yuuki Tashiro

These days, globalization more and more is spreading. In Europe, the European Union was established in 1991 by Maastricht Treaty. And currency was unified to the euro and regulation of immigrant workers was relaxed. However, in Europe, the number of unemployed increased recently and economic crisis was happened in Greece and other countries. So I wandered globalization is good for economy and life of ordinary people actually.

People who live in area of the EU was admitted to work at freely everywhere of this area. I think that it is one of the globalization. It led deregulation of work and mobilization of economy, however it made a lot of problem. Firstly, in large country like France and Germany, many immigrant workers came to these countries in order to get better jobs than these of their countries. Because their native countries’ minimum wage is lower than that of French or Germany, employer can make them work at low wage. As a result, it became difficult for the French and Germans to get jobs. And the number of unemployed increased. For example, in Germany, the number of unemployed was 5.8 % in 1991.¹ But after establishing of the EU, the rate became 11 % in 2006. ² With other cause, I guess that establishing of the EU is cause for this low number of unemployed.

Besides deregulation of working area made inequality between immigrant and other people. Because a lot of immigrants who went abroad to look for new jobs can get only unskilled works, for example works in factory or house keeper usually, their wage is very low. So between immigrants and other people, big inequality is made.

In addition to economic inequality, cultural inequality is also problems. In French, a low which ban Islamic women from wearing veil approved these days.³ As the background of this law, there is exclusive mentality. Because many French lost or can’t get jobs by immigrants who came from other countries, they turned this anger to immigrants.⁴ Globalization increased the number of immigrant rapidly, but diversity of race and religion which were made by it led exclusive law mentality of people.


¹²・The World Economic Outlook database 2012.6.29.

³⁴・China Radio International 仏「スカーフ禁止法」、正式発効 2004-09-03.

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