Solutions to the Balance of Work and Family for Mothers

by Momoyo Tanaka

It is difficult for working mothers to balance work and family at the same time. Once it was said that men have to work outside, and women have to keep their house and care children. But now, in many developed countries, it is common for both mother and father to work outside the house because one salary does not provide enough income. Even in this situation, it is said that mothers should keep the house more than fathers because of former values. If working mothers work hard, they can’t care for their children a lot, and children might feel lonely. Then, if working mothers tend to care children a lot, they would have backlog, and they would trouble her company. Women should be supermom to solve this problem, but it is difficult in actuality. These two things are important to manage work and family: fathers’ support and coming in contact with children.

First, father’s support is necessary for every working mother. Even if father is busy, he should support his wife. For example, washing clothes, washing the dishes, taking children to and from kindergarten ― It is OK to help only something simple. If the father helps with housework, the mother would feel physical and mental relief, and she can work more hard. To realize such good situation, it is important to talk about divide up the housework between mother and father well.

Second, coming in contact with children is also essential. Even if mother and father are hectic, contacting is so important for children. But it is difficult for working parents because if they are at home, they are busy to do a lot of housework. Then, should do it together! The parents do housework changing to playing. If mother want to wipe the floor with a damp cloth, she should compete with her children whether which can wipe a large range. And if father want to wash a car, he should wash it with his children while playing in the water. The housework that mother and father do is very interesting for children, so if parent do it with their children, they can use the time effectively. They can share time with their children a lot.

Therefore, women can balance work and child care if she cooperates in family. Mothers should not do both of them perfect alone.

One thought on “Solutions to the Balance of Work and Family for Mothers

  1. This is a lovely post! I agree wholeheartedly that making time for contact with the children is key to a happy family! Getting fathers involved is great for everyone! Thank you for this! Jamee Tenzer,

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