Occupy Movement

by Ryoko Yorifuji

On September 17 last year, a movement happened in New York. The movement, Occupy Wall Street, is that the grass roots people protest against a gap in the USA. The movement’s appeal began July in last year and happened to the movement after two months. Most of participants are the young and the unemployed. Their insistences are increase of employment, criticism of relief to financial institutions by the government and criticism of treating the rich very well. Moreover, the movement was spread around the world; New York, London, Berlin, Paris, Sydney, Rome, Tokyo, and so on. The movement showed how many people were dissatisfied with the present society in the world.

The slogan of Occupy Movement is “We are the 99%”. This slogan shows the situation which is assets of the rich; high-rank 1% has continued to increase in the USA since 1970s. In 2007, the richest high-rank 1% has 34.6% of all of assets in the USA, and the next 19% has 50.5% of those. The taxation system in the USA doesn’t strict against the rich, but against the poor, the system is stricter than the rich. So, the rich become is more and more richer, and the poor is more and more poorer. In this way, the gap is wide and the poor’s complaints are grown; why the rich is continued to treat very well? We keep living in poverty. Such a condition is unfairness!

However, I cannot attack the rich and agree the poor simply. I am not rich and I don’t intend to stand by the rich. Why do I think like this? The reason that I think the rich’s success is the result of their efforts. But I feel that the movement insists the rich earn their income by doing easy jobs or nothing. In fact, the rich is treated well and a part of them may do easy jobs. However all of them are not like this. If some had taken pains and climbed all the way up to the present position. So, I cannot unconditionally say the rich should be levied heavy tax.

The movement has a feature; Internet or SNS (Social Network Service). In New York, a crowd of several thousand people gathered for the movement. Why could so many people gather? The answer is Internet. They looked at Twitter, Facebook and other SNS and knew about the movement. The movement spread too rapidly. Why? The answer is Internet or SNS. By Internet, other country people could know the movement and take action at once. So, the movement was only today.

The movement express today; poverty, gap or SNS. And insists of the movement are doubted. I look at nothing but venting the participants’ anger.

However, I think the present society should be changed; the low-rank people need not to live poverty. If the high-rank people made the effort, the present gap is too wide. And the gap must be corrected. The movement is weak and transient. But the movement shows the society is needed to change. Now the movement becomes calm, however such a movement must be happened in the near future.


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