Philippines in Japan

by Koki Shiozaki

Many Philippines immigrates in japan is to earn the money.  Working in Japan is the way to become rich. They have a dream of being the kind of  person. To come true their dream, they entered a  company which assists them to go and  work in Japan. Almost all of them are from poorer parts of region in Philippines. It cost so expensive them that they can’t pay for. So they owe their promotion company to the cost, and that is supposed  to pay back afterwards if they get a job in Japan.  And as they have to pay back to their company from small salary,  therefore, they can get little money. It forced  them to pay from 30 percent  to 50 percent of their salary or more than 50 percent.

In 2006, it is hard for Philippines to get a visa because of revising the law. And in order to stay long in Japan, Philippines pretend to be married  with Japanese person. As a result of this, illegal stay in japan has been increasing. In 2009, a representative examiner of  immigrants working at Narita airport was arrested by letting Philippines immigrate in japan illegally instead of receiving a lot of money from them. This is not good things. Revising the law results in new issues.

Background of being hard to get the visa, America pointed out Japan accepted the human trafficking, especially sex trafficking. So, Japan revised the law. But founding the new law to restrict immigrants might bring about other problems. Philippines pub might come to be hotbed for an organized group of gangsters to get  money. Japan is the destination country to earn money from across Asia. I understand  a lot of immigrants are in Japan. So, to make a new system is important. I think making hostess visa have the same effect on Philippines with the government. I think the government may as well enable Philippines to get other job visa. If Philippines get other job visa, they work for other job and Philippines women who work for the pub will relatively decrease in Japan.


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