Filipina labor migration

by Naoko Ohshima

There are 120,000 to 150,000 foreigners who are engaged in the sex industry in Japan.  They are generally admitted to the country by promotional visa or tourist visa.  The promotional visa is issued by agreement of Philippine-Japanese government.  And singer, dancer and actress who have special skill are given it, so they cannot work under working purpose other than it.  Therefore, it is of course illegal to employ Filipina who came to Japan by promotional visa as hostess which is the service industry.  Philippine pub lined up in all parts of Japan, this illegal act is practiced as naturally.  In unprincipled employer, there are even employ women as hostess, shield illegal working and threaten Filipina to do various ways.  By embarkation wages are not yet paid, they make Filipina to earn pocket money, make customer accompany and force prostitution.

It is difficult for Filipina to access to a medical institution or other public institution who are not good at speaking Japanese and what was worse, they reside in Japan illegally.  Many foreigners who are engaged in the sex industry are compelled to work with higher risk than Japanese.  However, a part of Japanese say “They come to Japan with knowledge of it, so there is nothing they can do about it.”  What if they understand it before they come to Japan, everyone all should have human rights.

In this way, you may have discrimination and prejudice against foreigners who leave their countries in search of work and women working in a bar, but we should think that it is because of Japan and Europe and American in satiation.  They have come to Japan not to do all they could for Japanese men but to want their families in their mother countries to lead any comfortable life.

To abolish discrimination against Filipina, we have to understand more those background.  Not all Filipina practice prostitution, even if there is fact that they practice it, women are not doing it because they want to.  The first thing we have to do is know that for many Filipina to come to Japan to find work as entertainer is a big bet in their life and chance of a major turning point.  I want not to look Filipina with discrimination and prejudice, recognize them as members of supporting Japanese society.


移住労働者と性産業 自ら動けない女性へのアウトリーチ




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