My Whole Opinion About International Migration

by Daisuke Matsumoto

Do you think the immigrants should be assimilated with another nation?  In my opinion, they should be assimilated. It is said that when in Rome, do as the Romans do. When I was a primary school student, I belonged to a soccer club of my local area. I enjoyed playing soccer with a team mate from Sri Lanka. He is a native Sri Lankan, so he studied Japanese harder and had to be assimilated with Japanese culture not to be in trouble with team mates. Finally I think he had a great successful soccer life together.  I know that his family also spent a usually life in Japan. If one kept his or her culture in other country, they would be more likely to feel bad all the time than he or she didn’t keep. In addition to this topic, international migrations, you know, have to do with voting rights, welfare, human rights, and international marriage.

First, voting right especially can make migrants annoyed because not having voting right becomes discrimination.  In Japan, there are many cases that Japanese government doesn’t allow migrants to vote though they want to have the voting right. It is called on “地方選挙権”. However, some city like Kawasaki have allowed them to have “地方選挙権”. To sum up, voting rights is hardly expanded in japan although it is very natural to have migrants have voting rights in Europe countries. Second, I think daily life and health of migrants depend on welfare. In japan immigrants to Japan can’t register for health insurance until they have lived in Japan for more than one year. Third, when the world war Ⅱ started, Japan brought Korean to around Japan to force them to work and to be prostitute. At the same time, Korean culture was denied. It means that they have not human rights, so Korean made up a Korean town each place to protect their dairy life. Finally, when Japanese people got marry with other country’s people, they will have to consider whether the child gets Japanese or another citizenship.  According to the Constitution of Japan, when father is Japanese and mother is another, the child has to be Japanese. However, when this couple divorced, rights to bring up the child and the citizenship depend on international law. Nevertheless there is no force on international law, so ultimately this problem is decided by argument over the couple. After all, I think it is the best not to migrate.

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